The Fresh I Am Clothing Crewneck to match your Jordan Retro 1 AJKO

I hope everyone had the chance to pick up their Jordan Retro 1 AJKO sneakers this weekend! Were you able to find gear to match your new shoes? In this blog I’m going to show you some options and hopefully it’s just what you were looking for.

First, here is The Fresh I Am Clothing, just dropped “Hustle like a Sneakerhead” sneaker tee. It’s a great match (as you can see) with your new Jordan Retro 1 AJKO shoes. This sneaker tee is available on our online store It also comes in sizes SMALL – 3XL. Get yours for only $29.99. Use promotional code DT30 and get 30% off your shirt!


Second, if you’re a more “comfortable” person, this is the perfect ensemble for you! This The Fresh I am Clothing crewneck is one of a kind. Same as the sneaker tee, it matches your Jordan Retro 1 AJKO. Fabric so comfortable for an all-day wear. Sizes available are SMALL – 3XL. You can also use promo code DT30 for 30% off your crewneck!


Last, but not least! Your The Fresh I am Clothing hoodie. I’m more of a crew-neck person, but this hoodie is so sick! Also matching with your Jordan Retro 1 AJKO shoes. Sizes SMALL – 3XL. Get all three, or the one you prefer on our online store I will repeat this again, hopefully you readers use this amazing offer. DT30 gets you 30% OFF YOUR PURCHASE!




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