Jordan Retro 5 Low “Dunk from Above” Release Date

jordan 5 dunk from above collection(2)

The Nike Air Jordan Retro 5 Low “Dunk from Above” shoes release this Saturday (2/20/2016). This shoe reminds me of the Laney 5s with its color scheme. Although the gold is a nice touch, i feel that the yellow would of been a better mix with the shoe. Especially for all the Golden State Warriors fans, with them being on the win streak they are on, this shoe would of been a big hit with those fans.

Do you plan on copping these kicks when they release? I am 99% positive that these will be an easy cop on release day and even weeks after they release as i feel they will be sitting on the shelves. This isn’t a big problem in my opinion unless you are a reseller, then its a big problem. The resale game has been dying for quite some time now, so if you are all about the shoes, this is good news for you as releases will be easy to cop in stores now!

Check out the Dunk from above 5s complete collection here

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This coupon code can me used an unlimited amount of times!


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